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You will be fishing with Whyalla’s finest Charter crew who use only the finest tackle and are proudly supported by PENN and Sport Fishing Scene Whyalla.

For your comfort and excellent rough water handling and stability you will be riding on board the ‘TOP GUN’ Whyalla’s top charter boat. A 7.5 meter Youngcraft – charter special with a huge 3 meter beam and a whopping 200hp turbo diesel volvo duo prop. Equiped with all electronics including radar, “The TOP GUN” vessel will get you to your fishing destination safely and in no time at all, leaving you with more time for fishing.

Whyalla Fishing Charters venture out to man made and unknown artificial reefs around the spencer gulf that are not so often disturbed and produce big snapper daily, which guarantees devoted anglers never miss out. Within the gulf waters depths will vary between 6 and 25 meters and the temperatures between 11 to 25 degrees. Depending on the time of year your skipper will target the areas and depths that the schools of fish are around. During summer months smaller snapper are found in larger schools and are targeted during their spiractic feeding frenzies at sunset and sunrise in more shallow waters. The larger fish are then targeted after or before these times to ensure a variety of sizes are caught for the energetic anglers. When fishing in the cooler months your large fish ‘Big Reds’ are caught to the bag limit and then other species may be targeted.

Whyalla Fishing Charters provide exciting fishing trips that will impress any angler. The gulf waters are also well known for the frequent visits by the big great whites seen as big as a mini bus, which may give you the opportunity to witness a spectacular speciman in its natural environment. Whyalla is famous for its local friendly dolphins that have been visiting the local marina daily for the past 16 years, these guys will provide you with fantastic photo opportunities and some friendly interactions.