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Whyalla Fishing Charters’ Stories

Thanks for what can only be described as a fantastic day out. I have been on many charters over the last 5 years and to see a skipper like you work is a dream come true. You are a great skipper with a fantastic work ethic and I have never been on a charter where you don't even have to bait your own hook! If only all the other charter operators took a leaf from your book. To top the day off with a Dolphin experience like you gave us made my wife and sons day, thanks for the day and freezer fall of snapper.

Matthew Bysher Hervey Bay, Queensland

Just want to thank you and Shep for our charters last Tuesday and Wednesday - only one word - awesome!! The boys have not stopped talking about the experience and, having now done it twice, I am also over the moon with the experience. We showed our photos to both my charter crews on the weekend and they all asked about how to have this great fun so have given them your card and told them to contact me if they are serious - which I am sure they are.

Graeme MacGraw - About You Fishing Charters

Firstly I would like to say thank you to your self and Shep, you both were the ultimate professionals. We are all still talking about what a great day we all had, everyone has said that they had a fabulous time. The comical banter between everyone was sensational, it broke the air and made it very relaxing. I have already started saving so that I can do another Charter with you. Don't be surprised if you start getting people mentioning my name in the future as I have been putting your name out through the Football Club.Once again a huge thank you from the boys from the "Vikings".

Ross Schurgott

Thanks for taking us on your charter back at the end of September, even though the weather was pretty windy and cold.

Have attached photos of the two fish I caught. The little one being the first decent fish I have ever caught and then in came the whopper. Can't stop bragging about it to everyone. Even all the blokes are impressed.

Hubby a bit distraught now as to what to do ­ no more boys' weekends away fishing, can't go to any of the tackle shops on his own...

He thinks he needs help!

Thanks again, Will be back
Gail Kirkpatrick
Bargo NSW

Richard here from Brisbane, said I'd send you a few photos and comments so here they are. Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my son (Jake) and I as we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and got to tick those big snapper off the list.

All of my friends were in envy but I told them where they need to go to fulfil that dream. From my first contact with you, you were the utmost professional, friendly and most helpful and insightful. Nothing was too much trouble, you kept contact and kept us informed. You are a true 'icon' in the fishing industry as many promise, but in my experience most usually fail to deliver. Should have been here yesterday, should have been here last week or next week will better, I've heard it all.

Three days straight you delivered the goods - bigsnapper and bigger snapper 8 - 13kg, it just doesn't get any better than that. Wishing you all the very best with your business as you deserve all the accolades and benefits attributed to a person that delivers the goods and the service as you did. I will certainly do my best to spread the word up here in sunny Qld.

Richard & Jake

Thanks to Chep from Tom, Chris, Max and Jai. Chep asked to send any pictures to you that you might like to use for promoting a fantastic day out!
Many thanks
Anne Cunningham

G’day everyone. Went out with Steve Storic owner operator of Whyalla Fishing Charters on Friday, here’s a report of the eventful day...

Left the ramp at a very fresh 5am, greeted by a smooth 2-3knot wind and zero swell – awesome. Headed out to the first spot that had been firing with a few fish of late. Had an awesome sight of day break just as we anchored up on the horizon... plenty of action on the sounder.. needless to say boomerang city! Me and my brother (lucanus1) had our new SP outfits rigged up with GULP but decided to try and get off the mark with baits just incase... Had 4 lads on board and within 5 min of baits hitting the bottom it was on like donkey kong with all 4 of us hooked up on snapps that were peeling line at will... we dropped 1 and landed 3 of them at around 8-9KG that took whole squid heads!

Got the call up from Steve that massive school has showed up on sounder and next 20 minutes will be HOT ACTION! Get the GULP in ASAP... in goes 7inch Cajun chicken (black & hot pink) brother dropped down Curried chicken... brother got smashed on the drop i had a few jigs before getting destroyed by a another good fish... lighter gear is awesome fun on the plastics... and again another 2 solid snaps of around 8kg... swapped colours of SP still GULP and pretty much got smashed on every chicken colour, pink shine ETC that hit the bottom.. within half an hour we had our 6 big ones all about 8-9KG and caught another 10 or so on plastics that we released after a quick photo back to the depths.. not even 7am bagged out numb arm!

Off for some pannies and hopefully a bronzy... no bronzy but got 6 or 7 pannies and alot of smaller ones to. All in all a awesome day. Steve is a gentlemen and can’t speak highly enough of how he looks after his customers and his fish. We could of caught big ones all day but he wasn’t keen on catch and release as it’s not good for the fish which I think is good. Awesome boat with plenty of room and we were extremely well looked after and can’t wait to get back out with Whyalla Fishing Charters!